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Join us In-Person and on Juneau Live! Studio for Sunday Worship

We are easy to find just off the Juneau-Douglas Bridge in downtown Juneau, across from the Permanent Fund Building.  We offer a Sunday service of Word and Sacrament with music and a children’s message each week.  Fellowship after the service in our gathering area is a great opportunity to meet members of our congregation.





Alaska Music One Presents a Concert Produced by the TV Production Camp Crew

Watch the July 19, 2024, concert on Juneau Live! Studio YouTube.


  • Magical America
  • RLC Bell Quartet
  • April Dooley

The Showrunner Camp is a one-week immersion program in television production. Participants learn the skills needed to broadcast a live two-hour music concert, recorded in front of a studio audience. During the five day camp, the participants receive instruction from industry professionals and practice those skills is a working studio (making a live, public broadcast each day). Participants become their own production company which, by week’s end, self-sufficiently produces (with on-screen credit) an episode of Juneau Live! Studio’s most popular series (10,000+ views), Alaska Music One Presents with at least four major, local bands, in front of a studio audience.

Join Us this Sunday for a Community Celebration for RLC

July 21, 2024, in person at 740 W. 10th Street and on Juneau Live! Studio YouTube featuring:

  • Out of the Living Room
  • Kristin Larson and April Dooley

Alaska Music One Presents a Community Celebration for RLC of worship 9:30 am, lunch 11 am, concert noon. Sponsored by rlc worship and food pantry committees, please join us for worship with pastor karen, followed by, fellowship and lunch,and music with: the peasters april and kristen. Donations support vital RLC community ministries: rlc food pantry & meal services, rlc low-barrier shelter services, juneau live! studio & TV production programs, rlc nourishes learning programs, resurrected hope foundation ,The special concert will be recorded live, offering an intimate and festive celebration of music. Join us in person at the beautiful Resurrection Lutheran Church, located at 740 W 10th Street in Juneau, Alaska, for an unforgettable morning of music. Alternatively, you can enjoy the concert from the comfort of your home by tuning into our broadcast on the Juneau Live! Studio YouTube Channel. Don’t miss this opportunity to welcome summer with a live performance. 

Sunday Worship, July 21th, 9:30 am

Ninth Sunday of Pentecost 2024 PowerPoint, Ninth Sunday of Pentecost 2024 Bulletin, Ninth Sunday of Pentecost 2024 Bulletin

Listen to an abridged version of our prior week’s worship on Juneau Radio Center KINY Sunday mornings at 9:30.



Opportunities to Participate at RLC

Bible Studies – Mondays, 6:15 pm RLC Library In-Person and on Zoom, and Wednesdays, 9:00 am RLC Gathering Area In-Person
Quilters – Wednesdays, 10:00 am RLC Gathering Area In-Person (experience not necessary)
Book Club – Third Thursdays of Month, 2:00 pm RLC Gathering Area In-Person and on Zoom
RLC Food Pantry – Volunteer Tuesdays, 11 am to 5 pm RLC Downstairs In-Person
Send email to RLC office or call 907-885-6824 for more information.

Update or Enter Your RLC Membership Information Online

Update or enter new membership information for congregation members. if you have question, email the church office or call the office: 907-586-2380.


Juneau Live! Studio TV Production Camps

Summer Camps – Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 19, 2024

Dive into the Exciting World of TV Production at Juneau Live! Studio Showrunner Camp! Welcome to an unparalleled opportunity for middle and high school students! Join us for a tuition-free, week-long journey into the heart of television production. As a participant, you’ll become a vital member of our “crew,” acquiring the essential skills to produce a captivating live two-hour music concert, all recorded in front of a lively studio audience. Throughout this engaging five-day camp, you’ll receive expert instruction from industry professionals and have the chance to put your newfound talents into practice in a fully operational studio, where you’ll create a live, public broadcast each day. What’s more, you and your fellow crew members will transform into a production company by week’s end, independently producing an episode of Juneau Live! Studio’s most sought-after series, “Alaska Music One Presents,” featuring at least four prominent local bands, all in front of an enthusiastic studio audience. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will not only hone your television production skills but also provide you with on-screen credit for your remarkable work. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something truly extraordinary! For additional information and to secure your spot, click here for more details and registration.

Explore the World of Television Production with Studio Apprentice 1/2 Day Camp for Elementary School Students! Calling all 3rd to 6th grade students! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure in television production. Join our Studio Apprentice 1/2 Day Camp and become an “intern” in the world of television magic. During this dynamic five-day camp, running from 9 am to 1 pm, you’ll learn the art of broadcasting a live talk-show, all while working in front of a studio audience. Guided by industry professionals, you’ll receive top-notch instruction and have the opportunity to practice your newfound skills in a fully operational studio, where you’ll create a live, public broadcast each day. But that’s not all! As an intern, you’ll also become an integral part of the Showrunner Camp production company. By week’s end, you’ll independently produce an episode of Juneau Eats!, a talk / cooking show and one of Juneau Live! Studio’s most popular series, complete with on-screen credit. You’ll receive assistance from the Showrunner Camp crew, ensuring you create something truly spectacular, viewed by thousands! Don’t miss your chance to shine on the television stage. For additional information and registration, click here. Join us for a week of creativity, learning, and unforgettable experiences!

This program is partially funded by the Citizens of the City and Borough of Juneau through sales tax revenues.

See What’s on Juneau Live! Studio

Click here for the Juneau Live! Program Guide.

Click here the go directly to our YouTube channel to see all our past shows.


Community Outreach from Juneau Live! Studio at RLC



A Community Support Concert for RLC

Sunday, June 9th 1 on Juneau Live! Studio  Alaska Music One Presents A Community Concert to support RLC featuring The Peasters . Their special concert was recorded live, offering an intimate and festive celebration of music. Don’t miss this opportunity to welcome summer with a live performance.


Nagoonberries Music Studio Recital

Saturday May 11 on Juneau Live! Studio. Experience the magic of the students from Nagoonberries Music Studio. Their special recital was recorded live, offering an intimate and festive celebration of music.

St. Francis Secondary School at Juneau Jazz and Classics 38th Annual Spring Festival

Tuesday May 14 on Juneau Live! Studio.
St. Francis Secondary School from Whitehorse, Yukon traveled to the Juneau Jazz and Classics 38th Annual Spring Festival to perform for Zuill Bailey.

Juneau Eats! Final Broadcast of TV Production Course Produced by Juneau Charter School Students

Thursday May 16 on Juneau Live! Studio. The broadcasts served a number of goals:opportunity to practice skills being learned in the course; learning to work in a team setting; preparing for a live broadcast; going live on the studio’s announced schedule to the public; and working in front of a studio audience (at least other groups, but could be anyone who shows up, if broadcasting from studio) or public (if broadcasting from outside studio). Don’t miss this opportunity.

Rob Cohen Music Recital

Saturday May 25 on Juneau Live! Studio. Experience the magic of the students from Rob Cohen Music. Their special recital was recorded live, offering an intimate and festive celebration of music.



RLC Food Pantry

Juneau’s largest food pantry serving 250 to 300 individuals and families each week is open Tuesdays noon to 4:30 downstairs off Glacier Street.  We are open all holidays.

Click here for more information.


Letter of Reassurance and Hope

Dear Resurrection Family,

Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” This phrase, quoted often, emphasizes the importance of unity in the Gospel. In Mark (3:25), Matthew (12:25), and Luke (11:17), Jesus responds to accusations that His power to cast out demons comes from Beelzebul. He faced criticism for healing and feeding the hungry on the Sabbath, and for calling people to discipleship and persistence in prayer. He used this illustration to show that his power and the Holy Spirit’s power come from God because the work itself is God’s. He challenged the fearful leaders who criticized, defamed, censured, and silenced him for doing what is righteous. He refused to be bullied.

In this light, the quoted verse is more apt for us than if it only illustrated the importance of unity. In our letter of May 17, 2024, Notice to Congregation Members, we informed you of “election irregularities at the March 7 council meeting that changed the outcome of the election of RLC’s officers.” We did not specify the exact circumstances of violations of the Basic Rules of the RLC Meeting Code of Conduct to protect the identity of those who provided affidavits. This is (or should be) a standard practice when there are instances of bullying, harassment, or other undue influence. Without such protections, vulnerable people rarely come forward safely. The ELCA officially opposes and works to prevent bullying in our churches. More than that, it is Jesus’ explicit example. As it was costly for Jesus, we are freed to do the same if we can see past our fears, judgments, expectations, and desires. God can create a congregation with a vital, healthy future in and with RLC.

Over the last year and a half, we have made every effort to work with a small group of about eight individuals within our congregation. However, this requires openness to conversation, cooperation, and compromise, which has not generally been the case.

Follow-up from Previous Communication
• Nothing has changed since Karen Lawfer’s last communication on June 8, 2024, Cancellation of Tomorrow’s (June 9, 2024), Special Congregation Meeting Called at the Request of Bishop Shelley Wickstrom.
• We acknowledge that people want and need more information, and we will provide it as soon as it is safe, healthy, constructive, legally responsible, and in the spirit of Christian love.
• We aim to minimize adversarial communications and environments that are exhausting and driving some members away.
• We understand the frustration of those who attended the bishop’s meeting on June 9th and those who feel uncertain about the situation.
• We recognize the sincerity of many members with diverging perspectives.

Key Points
• We reject the bishop’s authority to call for a vote outside of constitutional processes and protocols.
• We reject the bishop’s pronouncement, and Synod Vice President’s reversal (apparently based on improperly attributed quotations), of our elected officers.
• Bullying, intimidation, and interference in the council’s ability to function have continued and increased.
• Repetitious propaganda cannot continue to be endured or tolerated.

• No individual has standing to file a lawsuit on behalf of RLC without action from the congregation, the council, or elected leadership (the responsibilities of the executive committee are narrow and specific – e.g., in an “emergency” when the council is unavailable).
• We have not been served with any purported lawsuit. We have only been threatened with a draft when there was no opportunity to seek outside counsel. We have consulted an attorney who is prepared to represent RLC, and any employees and volunteers named in such a suit.
• The 2024 budget approved by the congregation at our annual meeting in February will be honored, and Pastor Karen has no current plans to leave RLC.

Our Commitment
• As an ELCA congregation, we continue to be reformed from previous church bodies and models within RLC. The ELCA is undergoing a process of further reformations through the work of the Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church, formed by a vote of the 2022 Churchwide Assembly.
• We will continue with our discernment process as it was before being derailed.
• We are committed to eliminating intolerable behaviors.

Forward in Faith
• We understand the confusion and frustration many of you feel. Let us find healthy, empathetic ways to address these. Pastor Karen continues to be available to meet, pray, counsel, or visit. Call her directly to schedule time.
• The status of Pastor Karen remains the same, and any changes to her call must follow our constitutional process.
• Current officers of the congregation remain in place as corrected following the determination of election violations.
• We will handle legal threats appropriately with counsel, making every effort to minimize additional expenses to the congregation.
• We look forward to working with the new bishop (who takes office on Monday) to address our divisions, while keeping within the constitutions of our congregation, the Alaska Synod, and ELCA.
• We are hopeful for the possibilities at Resurrection and pray that most of you will participate in collaborative discernment.

Upcoming Events
• Bill Johnson Memorial Hot Dog Fest: After the 4th of July Parade
    – Volunteers needed from 7 am through clean-up at 3 pm. Contact Brad Perkins at
    – Live streaming from 8 am setup through cleanup on Juneau Live! Studio.
• Juneau Live! Studio TV Production Summer Camps: July 15-19, 2024
    – Showrunner Camp: Middle and high school students learn TV production and produce a live music concert.
    – Studio Apprentice ½ Day Camp: Elementary school students learn TV production and produce an episode of Juneau Eats!

Good Things Are Still Happening!
• The RLC Food Pantry serves nearly 300 people weekly, providing food, a hearty meal, hospitality, and community.
• Bible study meets regularly:
    – Mondays at 6:15 pm in person and on Zoom.
    – We are currently tackling a book entitled Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons by Russell Pregeant.
• We continue to grow our membership, having added twelve new members within the last year.
• We received our 2025 Youth Activity Board Grant (third year) from the CBJ for our TV Production Youth Showrunner and Studio Apprentice Camps.

• The semester-long TV Production Course provided to the Community Charter School ended with the parents collecting additional funds the faculty donated for new projects.

Our Mission
The mission of Resurrection Lutheran Church is to promote spiritual growth in Christ and service to all people. We invite you to join us as we move forward with Christ.

Peace, Karen Lawfer, President and Pastor Karen Perkins

Download Letter of Reassurance and Hope