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Theater Alaska from the Juneau Live! Studio

Theater Alaska

Theater Alaska was founded in 2020 with the passion to share stories that connect with our community in Juneau and around the great state of Alaska. For many, there exist significant barriers to attend theatrical events. They are inspired to create a theater that overcomes these obstacles. To increase accessibility, They bring free productions to venues such as community centers, schools, correctional facilities, and other non-traditional venues. We meet people where they are most comfortable. We will also perform for paying audiences at locations such as McPhetres Hall and Noyes Pavilion.


Alaska Theater Festival 2021 Events from the Juneau Live Studio

by Annie Bartholomew

Monday, May 17 @ 6PM

Sisters of White Chapel: A Short But True Story by Annie Bartholomew is a Victorian folk opera inspired by narratives of women during the Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska and the Yukon. Written by Alaskan songwriter Annie Bartholomew, this performance piece marries historic source material and folk music traditions, to honor the brave women that risked life and virtue for a chance to rise above their station. Featuring performer Christina Apathy and directed by Heidi Handelsman.

by Frank Henry Kaash Katasse

Monday, May 24 @ 6PM
In Once Upon a Tide by Frank Henry Kaash Katasse, three Tlingit siblings return home to attend the services of their father. As they are of the opposite moiety, they must guard the body the night before it is buried to protect it from evil spirits and usher it safely to the afterlife. The three sit on the dock in front of the rec center where the body of their father is being held until morning, reflecting on his complicated past and wondering what his passing means for the future of their family.