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Support Juneau Live! in Helping Isolated Individuals

You Can Help Juneau Live! Serve the Juneau Community

The Juneau Live!™ Community Access Outreach Pilot Program consists of three interrelated components together helping the isolated and marginalized people in Juneau access and participate in community activities. The first is a pilot outreach program to assist at least 100 individuals and families connect (and stay connected) to Juneau Live! interactive video programming, hybrid teleconference meetings, telemedicine and other online services in an initial one-year period. The second is soliciting community access programming, and helping contributors produce content or host events in the Juneau Live! studio. Lastly, is to use the first two parts of the program to afford youth organizations and schools educational opportunities (for youth and adults) in live-video production.

Juneau Live! Community Access Outreach program will allow isolated and marginalized people participate in interactive programing and hybrid teleconference meetings (which will be available to all of Juneau), with technical support to connect, and stay connected, to Juneau Live!. The long-term goal would be to offer the program to anyone in need. This year-long pilot program will enroll at least 100 qualifying individuals and families, then monitor and evaluate the program for further expansion. We will be working with other organizations to identify qualifying individuals and families. JAMHI, Polaris House, AWARE and Family Promise have provided letters of support.

Specifically, we would collaborate with these organizations to identify individual and family candidates for the program and provide them with assistance connecting to Juneau Live!, as well as other services such as telehealth. We will support existing hardware and/or provide new/upgraded hardware either online, by phone, or in-person (bonded, two-person teams). Additionally, the program will follow up with these participants at least monthly to confirm the program is meeting their needs and collect relevant feedback.

During this process, Juneau Live! will be developing its interactive programming and hybrid teleconference meeting schedule in the community, with weekly/monthly offerings, as well as rehearsals, performances, and community organization meetings. In addition to JAMHI, Polaris House, AWARE and Family Promise, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, Juneau Jazz & Classics and several performing artists have provided letters of support.

The studio was funded at a cost of over $26,000 ($45,000 replacement cost) with a combination of grants from the Alaska Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and the City and Borough Juneau (CBJ) / Juneau Community Foundation (JCF). Additional donations came from RLC congregation members and from outside the Juneau community. It was designed, developed and assembled with over 1,000 hours of volunteer time.

Additional funds will be used to extend this program to the community through technology assistance to those who are isolated and/or marginalized, and though local programing through our secular Juneau Live! program.  All donations go to support the Juneau Live! program through RLC’s general budget and are deeply appreciated.  Click the Donate to Juneau Live! Buttonmake a donation button: