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SSS Program

Safe Space for Schooling Program

Resurrection Lutheran Church Safe Space for Schooling Program (RLC SSS Program) is a no-charge (funded under an JCF Grant) drop-in program for students (1st grade to 12th grade) who need school space with:

  • Internet access
  • • schoolwork
  • breakfast and lunch
  • clean and safe environment

Students should bring:

  • no symptoms of COVID-19
  • a face mask
  • laptop and headset
  • ability to take care of self

Open Thursday, January 7th

Monday          7:30     to

Friday             3:30

Wednesday    closed

Program Benefits

  • Students have supportive environment to work
  • Parents can work and older siblings may focus on school
  • Healthy relationships develop (students, their family, staff, RLC, )
  • Staff get work experience
  • Students get attention and engagement
  • Students get supervised time outside of home
  • Students can participate in preparing meals