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RLC Warming Shelter Operating Status

Current Operating Status

  • Open through Sunday, December 5th
  • 10:30 pm to 6:30 am (must arrive by 2 am).

Determination of Operating Nights and Hours

The RLC Warming Shelter’s contract with the the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) requires the shelter to be open when the predicted temperature (as determined on the prior day at 3 pm) to be below 32° by this NOAA website.  However, RLC may decide may decide to open additional nights.  It is required to be open by 11 pm, but has determined to regularly open at 10:30 pm, may open as early as 9 pm in cases of extreme weather.  It has be required by the CBJ Planning Commission to close at 6:30 am.  RLC is operating the RLC Warming Shelter under a fixed-fee arrangement with the CBJ which should it allow reasonable latitude extending nights and operating hours as necessary.

Notification of RLC Warming Shelter Operating Status

Follow the RLC Warming Shelter on Twitter.


Follow the RLC Warming Shelter on Facebook.


Email the RLC Warming Shelter Manager to join the RLC WS email notification list.

Electronic Notification Signs

  • Resurrection Lutheran Church (740 W 10th Street Juneau, AK – window above RLC WS Entrance) – (Coming Soon)
  • Hot Shot Coffee (Lemon Creek)
  • CBJ City Hall (Back Alley Window) – (Coming Soon)
  • St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store (Front Window) – (Coming Soon)

Contact RLC Warm Shelter Staff During Operating Hours

As directed by the CBJ Planning Commission, the RLC Warming Shelter Staff can be reached during operating hours at 907-586-2380.