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RLC Hot Dog Ministry

RLC Bill Johnson Hot Dog Ministry

Event Challenges in 2022

  • The Independence Day Parade this year starts at 11 am. We should see parade goers about noon.  However, this year Independence Day happens to fall on a Monday, RLC Food Pantry day.  We have come to realize that simply because it may not be convenient for us to operate the pantry on a particular Monday (i.e. a holiday or church event) does not mean that our patrons don’t need food that week – often their need is even greater.  The Independence Day Parade this year starts at 11 am.  We should see parade goers about noon – the same time we are opening the RLC Food Pantry.
  • In addition to the minimum of four RLC Food Pantry workers (10 to 4:30), we will needat least ten volunteers to operate the RLC Hot Dog Ministry from 9 to 3.  This total number of volunteers exceeds our capacity of “usual suspects.”  So, we are appealing to all congregation members, families, friends, neighbors, social service agency colleagues, Juneau Live! on-air talent and crew for help.  We do ask that all volunteers that handle food either have their AK Food Worker Card or be willing to take 20 min. online test (we provide test number).  You don’t have to work the whole time and can switch between programs (to experience both!).  Email Brad Perkins or call (808 782 5795) to volunteer or with questions.
  • Another challenge this year is the cost.  We do not charge for the Hot Dog Ministry (as was Bill Johnson’s vision).  Originally, Bill Johnson and his friends donated the hot dogs and other food, over time those donations have dropped off to the point that last year we ended up purchasing all the food at Costco.  While donations at the event generally amount to about $300, the estimated cost of the food this year is close to $800.  We are desperately looking for donations of cash and hot dogs (we have the other items covered) for the event.
  • As we did last year, we will handout a RLC brochure highlighting our outreach programs (RLC Food Pantry, Quilters, Juneau Live! and RLC on KINY). The Juneau Live! Studio and RLC Food Pantry will be open (and operating!).   We believe that the community outreach and goodwill is more than worth the event effort.

Email Brad Perkins or call (808 782 5795) to volunteer or with questions.

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