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Resurrected Hope Foundation

Resurrect Hope Foundation’s mission is to address the immediate needs of individuals and families experiencing food and housing insecurity, and seclusion and isolation.

Resurrection Lutheran Chuch (RLC) primary community social service programs, the RLC Food Pantry, the RLC Warming Shelter and the JuneauLive! community-access television studio currently serve the immediate needs of those experiencing food and income insecurity, homelessness, substance abuse, suicide-risk, and physical and mental health issues.  Additionally, each of these programs provide educational opportunities for students, as well as adults, including those who are isolated / marginalized.

As the needs of those experiencing food and housing insecurity, and seclusion and isolation has grown in downtown Juneau, and the resources to serve them have diminished (e.g., Glory Hall relocation, food pantry closures), the CBJ and other social service agencies turned to RLC to fill the gap, due to its history and experience, which it has done with consistently high standards.  However, in the last three years the church also lost eleven members (200+ of experience / resources) from its relatively small urban congregation.  While the remaining congregation members volunteer in multiple programs, the need has become too much for the increasing demand.

In 2022, RLC formed Resurrected Hope Foundation (RHF), an Alaskan non-profit corporation to operate and manage its current and future community social service endeavors.  RHF’s mission is to address the immediate needs of individuals and families experiencing food and housing insecurity, and seclusion and isolation.  RLC has long operated its social service programs with faith-driven but wholly non-proselytizing, broadly-inclusive service.  RHF, while owned by RLC, has an independent board and officers made of Juneau Community members.  RLC will either assign to, or contract with RHF, to operate the RLC Food Pantry, RLC Warming Shelter and Juneau Live! Studio.   RHF is awaiting its 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS.

RHF is currenly seeking funding for two new positions with RHF.   A full-time programs manager and a part-time assistant.  Additionally, the RLC Pastor will work for RHF as the part-time support services manager.  These additional positions will allow the current programs to continue with the support of current RLC volunteers (but hopefully avoid further burnout).  With these additional resources RHF be able to (following infrastructure improvements from recent Rasmuson/AFN grants):

  • Relocate and extend RLC Food Pantry services by moving downstairs into the classroom (with its own storefront 10th Street access) to allow daily (at least four ½ days / week ) operation – a current model for community pantry operation – increasing patron convenience/utilization, while reducing neighborhood impact.
  • Utilize shelter facility / commercial kitchen during off-WS season for other community needs (e.g., visiting youth groups, emergencies, Family Promise, overflow from other Juneau programs, transitional housing, hostile).
  • Apply for new funding (including funding not available to religious organizations) and contracts, securing facilities and resources from RLC as needed.