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Onto the Town!

Onto the Town! gives residents of Juneau a direct link into the nightlife, performing and visual arts in Juneau by providing specific and detailed information on current and upcoming opportunities to experience nightlife and events. Onto the Town! Also gives artist, performers, venues, and businesses in Juneau a direct link to prospective audiences. Co-hosted by members of the Juneau community, each 30 to 45-minute episode would open with a short performance or viewing, of footage of an event being featured in that episode (i.e., a song from an group, a piece from a gallery, a scene from a play). The hosts would be joined on a typical talk show set by the artist, performer, venue, or business feature in that episode. Other performances / showings may be included the episode on the second demonstration stage. During the episode information about the nightlife, performing and visual arts discussed be provided. Additionally, each episode will have a webpage on with links.

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October 23, 2021 Show

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