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Juneau Live! Virtual Pinewood Derby

Scouts Virtual Pinewood Derby Saturday, January 23

Cub Scouts is open to all boys and girls age 5-10. Scouting BSA is open to all kids age 11-17.  Like every organization we have struggled over the last year to keep our program active and our Scouts and families safe.  Leonard Robertson and Keith Pahlke work with Pack 10 which usually meets at either Harborview or Gastineau School or at the Douglas United Methodist Church. All of those buildings have been closed to the public since March so we have had few if any meetings since then.  Scout Troops have continued to meet and camp and keep active, but the younger Cub Scouts have had a harder time keeping active.  The start of the school year is normally when we do our biggest effort to recruit new Cub Scouts and that did not happen this year either.

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The Pinewood Derby is one of the highlights of the Cub Scout year.  Scouts get a kit consisting of a block of wood and four wheels and with the help of adult the build a car.  Scouts then race their cars against other Scouts.  Emphasis is not so much on winning but on working together with an adult on a project from start to finish.  Leonard Robertson and Keith Pahlke were talking about trying to hold some kind of little race for just his den of 6 kids or so when we came up with the idea of trying to hold a virtual race where the scouts would not be at the actual race but observe it online.

Keith Pahlke is also Scoutmaster for Scout Troop 11 which meets at Resurrection Lutheran Church (RLC).  Once they decided to go big on the event they opened it up to all Cub Scouts in Southeast Alaska.  All the Cub Packs in Juneau participatd along with Packs in Ketchikan and Craig!  The event was open to anyone interested whether they were registered Cub Scout or not.   Questions about Scouting in Alaska can be answered the scouts website and Facebook page.  You can support Scouting in Alaska via Pick Click Give to Great Alaska Council BSA.

Juneau Live! Inaugural Event

Resurrection Lutheran’s Juneau Live! Community Access Outreach Program provided its multi-camera television studio to host the first ever virtual Pinewood Derby.  The Pinewood Derby was the Juneau Live! inaugural event in the Juneau Live! Studio.  The event was streamed on to all troops in SE Alaska, while race participants was join on Zoom for their individual races.  Local scoutmasters ran the derby with cars being flown in from other communities.  The entire RLC Live! tech crew volunteered two days (including a Friday tech rehearsal).

Schedule of Races

Saturday, January 23

3:003:15Welcome and Introduction
3:153:45Slot A Pack 1206 Craig Alaska 6 Scout Cars Recieved-Registartion Entered
3:454:00Slot B Pack 26 Sitka Alaska 3 Scout Cars Recieved-Registartion Entered
4:004:30Slot C Pack 4 Ketchikan Alaska 9 Scout Cars Recieved-Registartion Entered
4:305:00Slot D Pack 10 Juneau Alaska 8 Possible Scout Cars Racing
5:005:30 E Pack 7 Juneau Alaska 11 Possible Scout Cars Racing -Registration Entered
5:306:15Slot F Pack 6 Juneau Alaska 25 Possible Scout Cars Racing
7:00All Scouts and Siblings best 3 from the Packs Final Race
Wrap Up with Open League Finale 6 cars registered


Listen to Leonard Robertson and Keith Pahlke from Pack 10 on KINY Capital Chat.