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Juneau Live! Program Guide

Weekly Programs

Fridays 7:00 PM

Alaska Music One Presents from the Juneau Live! Studio.

The Alaska Music One Presents Concert Series live-streams on Friday nights starting May 7 at 7:00 pm in front of a live studio audience. Sponsored by Juneau’s premier local music store, Alaska Music One, (and featuring its owner, Keith Giles, as the concert series’ sound engineer).  The Series will be MCed by Juneau’s own Riley Woodford (who is also the talent promoter for the series).


Saturdays 4:00PM

Yoga and Meditation with Grace Elliott (coming soon)

Saturdays 4:30PM

At the Clubhouse from Polaris House

Premiers Saturday, May 8th!


Saturdays 5:00PM

Open House with Ericka Lee

Join Juneau Real Realtor, Ericka Lee for a look at home purchase in Juneau.  Each week Ericka interviews a guest with experience in an aspect of the home buying experience.  Additonally, will highlight a local property on the market.


Saturdays 5:30PM

Party-On Juneau Game Show with Jocelyn and Ericka (coming soon)

Sundays 3:15PM

Sandy and Friends Jam for Wildflower Court (and you)

A group of talented musicians started playing for the residents of Juneau’s long-term care facility, Wildflower Court.  However, the pandemic has prevented them from visiting the facility for the last year.  The group now holds a jam session in the Juneau Live! Studio on Sunday afternoons that is watch by the residents of Wildflower court, and now you!