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Juneau Live! Pilot Program

Juneau Live! Community Access Outreach Pilot Program

The Juneau Live!TM Community Access Outreach Pilot Program consists of three interrelated components together helping the isolated and marginalized people in our area access and participate in community activities.  The first is a pilot outreach program to assist at least 250 individuals and families connect (and stay connected) to Juneau Live! interactive video programming and hybrid teleconference meetings in an initial 17-month period.  The second is soliciting community access programming, and helping contributors produce content or host meetings and events in the Juneau Live! studio.  Lastly, is to use the first two parts of the program to afford youth organizations and schools educational opportunities (for youth and adults) in live-video production.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted the detrimental effects of isolation on Juneau’s population of marginalized individuals and families, including: elders; individuals living with mental illness and health issues that limit mobility; those in hospice; those experiencing housing, food, and income instability; victims of abuse; and educational limitations.  Many of these people are suffering from dramatically increased seclusion and isolation and its consequences.  Even as the effects of the pandemic subside, this population will still need additional support.

Many of us have become familiar with one proven manner of inclusion this past year.  We are connecting with our community through our televisions, computers, tablets, and phones, by using streaming (e.g., YouTube) and meeting services (e.g., Zoom).  However, many individuals in our target population, because of their above referenced disabilities and limitations, cannot or do not participate using these tools.

Juneau Live! Community Access Outreach seeks to address the need by helping this population participate in interactive programing and hybrid teleconference meetings and events (which will be available to all of Juneau), with technical support to connect, and stay connected, to Juneau Live!.  The long-term goal would be to offer the program to anyone in need.  This 17-month pilot program will enroll at least 250 qualifying individuals and families, then monitor and evaluate the program for further expansion.

Specifically, we would seek to identify (in collaboration with other organizations) individual and family candidates for the program and provide them with assistance connecting to Juneau Live!.  We will support existing hardware and/or provide new/upgraded hardware online, by phone, or in-person (bonded, two-person teams).  Additionally, the program will follow up with these participants at least monthly to confirm the program is meeting their needs and collect relevant information.

During this process, Juneau Live! will be developing its interactive programming and hybrid teleconference meeting and event schedule in the community, with weekly/monthly offerings, as well as rehearsals, performances, and community organization meetings.   The Southeast Alaska Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby on January 23 will be the Juneau Live! inaugural event in the studio.  Studio costs for non-profit organizations during the pilot program would be funded by the grants, while for-profit organizations would pay a competitive studio fee.  Following a successful pilot program, an on-going program can be sustained through federal/state grants and production, sponsor and advertiser fees.

The final component of the pilot program is to offer educational opportunities in television studio production.  The Juneau Live! producer, camera floor manager and technical advisor have over 60 years of television industry experience.  The educational opportunities in a working studio are numerous for youth organizations (e.g., Boy Scouts), schools (e.g., during the RLC SSS program students from Harborview Elementary produced several shows), and community members.

Resurrection Lutheran Church’s RLC Live! program has almost a year of experience producing interactive programming and hosting hybrid meetings. The church believes it can extend that experience to serve our community through the secular Juneau Live! program.

For more information contact:

Bradley Perkins

Producer, Juneau Live!

808 782 5795 direct |907 586 2380 church office

Download Juneau Live! Program Proposal