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Juneau Eats!

Juneau Eats! gives Juneau residents direct to access to food assistance resources, including food pantries and food assistance programs. Additionally, Juneau Eats! provides information and instruction on how to prepare such foods using tools available to those with limited resources, including those who are currently houseless. Nutritional education and safe food handling would also be part of the show’s focus. Hosted by Chris Schapp, manager of SE Alaska Food Bank, Sarah R-P. Lewis, Associate Professor of Extension Health, Home, Family & Community Development Program UAF Cooperative Extension Service Juneau & Sitka Districts of Southeast Alaska, Audra Henderson, Nutrition Educator, UAF Cooperative Extension Service, each 30 to 45-minute episode opens with dish, meal, or food feature in that episode (i.e., a stew or soup, a dinner with bi-catch salmon, cooking-free lunch) using food obtained from a local food pantry featured in that episode using the preparations methods taught later in that episode. The hosts will be joined on a typical talk show set by guests from a non-profit food provider, commercial food donator, food assistance agency who would explain how to access their service, including a virtual tour of their facilities. A chef from local restaurant or nutritionist would provide a food preparation demonstration on the second stage, which might be set up as a kitchen, hotplate, sidewalk bench, or campsite. Additionally, each episode will have a webpage on with links.

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October 23, 2021 Show

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October 9,2021 Introduction and Fish Tacos