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Alaska Music One Presents from Juneau Live! Studio

Friday Night Live Concert Series Showcasing Juneau Musical Talent

The Alaska Music One Presents Concert Series live-streams on Friday nights starting May 7 at 7:00 pm in front of a live studio audience. Sponsored by Juneau’s premier local music store, Alaska Music One, (and featuring its owner, Keith Giles, as the concert series’ sound engineer).  The Series will be MCed by Juneau’s own Riley Woodford (who is also the talent promoter for the series).

The first two nights of the series already are booked with some of Juneau’s favorite musicians.  “While many of the bands are anxious about getting back to performing after so long off, especially live streamed and in front of a studio audience, they are also excited about the opportunity.  I am too!” said Riley Woodford, the shows talent promoter and MC.  Keith Giles, show’s sponsor and sound engineer, noted “I have sold so many instruments to people in Juneau during the pandemic, I wanted to give them hope that there will be places to, and audiences for them the perform in front of.   This concert series is a great start.”  “The mission of Resurrection Lutheran and our Juneau Live! program is to outreach to individuals in Juneau who are isolated and marginalized, even before the pandemic, through their electronic devices with access to local programming and meetings.   The Alaska Music One Presents concert series is a great addition to our other weekly programming aimed at these individuals, that is available to the entire Juneau community” said Pastor Karen Perkins, who is also the show’s makeup artist (based on her ‘highly-marketable’ degree in theater arts from UC Berkeley).

If you would like to be invited to perform (we are only looking for a minimum couple of numbers – its been a long pandemic…), go to our performer registration page.  We are looking all types of music.  And, how about playing in front of an audience (albeit, COVID-19 limited)?  We can accommodate a COVID-19 – distanced studio audience of about 20-25 (depending on family members).   If you would like to be part of that studio audience, go to our studio audience registration page.


Alaska Music One Presents An Evening of Christian Music

Watch August 13th 7:00 pm Show

If you (and members of your family) would like to be invited to be part of our studio audience, click here to register.

Dave Anderson and Roger Walck

Dave Anderson and Roger Walck will headline this special Christian music concert.  Dave and Roger’s music is a blend of contemporary, gospel, hymns, and lots of old-time Sunday School songs. The audience will be invited to sing along but, as Dave says, “so long as it’s the same song.”

Dave Anderson comes from Phoenix, Arizona and Roger and his wife Patti live in Corona, California. Dave grew up as a Lutheran preacher’s kid in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Dave has been involved in lay ministry in the Lutheran church for 48 years first in youth ministry (Dave is the founder of Lutheran Youth Encounter) and then music ministry including concerts and worship resources.

Other Performers to be Announced

Watch June 11 Show

Watch June 4th Show Featuring Gamble and the High Costa Livin’ Show

Watch Friday, May 7 Show

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